venerdì 15 luglio 2016

Saturday Morning

The father has an incredible desire to make love with his wife…
…but doesn’t know what to do with their 5-year-old son. Without further ado, he sends him out on the balcony and says, “Watch what’s going on outside, and tell us.”
They are both hard at it, when the voice of the little one drifts in from the balcony: “The Jones’s have bought a new car, a Mercedes!”
The father gasps, “Super, watch what else is going on.”
Two minutes later, from the balcony: “The Morton’s just got a visitor from Brighton.”
The father gasps again: “OK, watch what’s next.”
Another minute later: “Just now the Miller’s are fucking.”
Startled, the father jumps off his wife: “Why do you think that?”
Voice from the balcony: “They just sent their son out on the balcony.”

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