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Voyages — 30 August 2016

…left her body on 6th August 2016.
Photo credit: Viola Mezera
Deva Premal (Viten’s younger daughter) writes:
Viten’s exit from this earthly plane was so impeccably timed, blessed and free of suffering and pain. She was 84 years old and until the last morning still climbed the 88 steps up to her apartment (no lift!), sang her mantras every morning, played Viola da Gamba, exercised, meditated, watched her daily soaps with enthusiasm, loved her glass of red wine in the evening and supported Miten and myself so much along the way.
She was the one who gave us all her savings 20 years ago so we could buy a van for our travels, who sent out the CDs in the first years and who always delighted us with her love and joyful nature. I’m so happy and grateful for her to have been given such a beautiful end to her life.
Viten had no fear of death and often told us that she was ready for it when it would come. She had a stroke – or as Ram Dass would say – “got stroked” and stayed long enough in the body afterwards for Ilonka (my sister), her partner Gerd, Miten and me to be with her and sing to her for the last 30 hours of her life.
Vinit and family in 1981
Viten took Sannyas in Pune in 1981 – at the age of 49 – and her love for Osho was so deep, so total and fresh – until the end of her life.
She was a classical musician all her life. She played the recorder, organ, piano, harpsichord but her main instrument was the Viola da Gamba. She was a member of the Ulsamer Collegium, an ensemble for medieval music which was well known in its day. She gave recorder and Viola da Gamba lessons until the last week of her life. And she loved loved loved our music ;-), especially Miten’s songs!


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I remember Deva’s mom, Viten, say to me once, “Life is a game but do not take it lightly; live every part of it fully.” Being a musician herself, she would tell me with some humor, “I will be in the audience tonight; make sure to play extra well,” and I always told her that I would be playing for her from a deep place of my heart.

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